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Seo Hats

April 11, 2010

Choosing the right SEO tools and optimize your business

Various search engine optimization search engine optimizers (SEO) and SEO services philosophy are ways to optimize websites. SEO these methods “” hat is known as an approach being determined by the nature of color.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO or SEO spam is when a Web sites to deceive and manipulate search engines and thus get outdated or poor quality search engine results pages (SERP) are designed builds. Black Hat SEO to depend on high technology and automation of low quality can make a large number of web pages and easily link to other relevant websites is the stretching. Black Hat SEO often the search engine rankings to the top of the website in a short space of time,, but it is not rational from an SEO web design. However, when search engines detect these sites, the latter are prohibited or eye injury. When the site as a tool using Black Hat SEO Googles voluntarily assumed the risk of clear guidelines joke site performance optimization.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO to produce quality content for SEO like. Largely based on the benefits of quality content and effective marketing strategies to achieve top search engine ranking, web sites follow the White Hat SEO content writing and search engine for people. With its content is considered valuable, White Hat SEO services to get more inbound links from other websites and it is considered better as a tool for SEO are enabled. Since a firm white hat SEO search engine is being specified, blacklisted by all visitors to the website of the risk is not easily grow. White hat SEO services for SEO strictly follow Google’s guidelines.

Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO risk reward on his forehead. A large number of solutions have been categorized Gray Hat SEO SEO Tools. Gray Hat SEO services to some of the more questionable use of equipment and take greater risks. While some gray hat techniques of large-scale search engines can follow the rules, others in trouble and land use and the necessary precautions before serious consideration is needed. Gray Hat SEO techniques to spoil all the Google SEO guidelines are defined.

What you should wear a hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO, Google, according to White Hat SEO is good, bad, and Gray Hat SEO risked everything. The Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO Gray Hat SEO is to use competitive and safe. Users Gray Hat SEO, white hat SEO is useful only when there is no gray hat SEO or Black Hat. Black Hat SEO high risk, high-performance possibilities. White Hat SEO experience as users of users cheaters SEO Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO and the user who quit smoking, so that Google should be reported. You select the right position over technology.

The decision to determine what your goals and objectives should wear hats. Black Hat SEO tactics as always, is not recommended because they are often worth the lives that can reduce risk. It is better to aim for and maybe a White Hat SEO firm focused on developing quality content. Gray Hat SEO tactics to use you can win at the end. But Gray Hat SEO tactics to use before evaluating risks and benefits of each policy is important, and what Gray Hat SEO tactics add value to your website and can provide a solution that suits you SEO.


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  3. We always tell our clients about white hat and back hat seo. The gray hat is a bit of a new one for me. Interesting middle ground. Nice post.

  4. That was a great info about SEO. I really need the help. Greatly appreciate it. Love it, i hope this info could help me increase the traffic in my site

  5. Great!!!
    Your site is very informative.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. White Hat SEO ’til the day I die!

  7. Arntr permalink

    Hey, nice article, thanks.

  8. Thx for this amazing topic.

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  10. piwnica permalink

    My hat is grey, as always;)


  11. hey thanks for this info……..

    i am a grey hat seo …

  12. SEO is a vast field but i personally feel despite the fact the results of White Hat SEO are late than ite other two counter parts but they are authenticated reliable and long lasting. You have been able to draw a clear line of distinction among the three and let it to user to pick and choose the one they like to goo with. Good article 🙂
    Vishal Sharma

  13. great information on SEO. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Dzięki za doanie mojego wpisu.

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  17. Great article but in black hat Seo if any search engine detect that you are doing black hat seo they can ban your website and you cant never get in any search engine first or even twenty first pages. So my advice better do white seo 😛

  18. Thanks for information. one of the great article.

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  20. beaudonmclaren permalink

    Great article, for those looking to outsource their SEO site requirements and are wondering which Hat does my SEO wear you could question there link building tactics. 1. The first one that comes to mind is how do you find your links? 2. Do I get to keep these links, if and when we end our relationship? 3. Lastly do we get to have final approval on the sites we link to? By now you may start to get an indication of which SEO hat this agency wears hopefully not Black 🙂

  21. I better stay somewhere in the middle then 😉

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